About us
Where's the party?

 We are a family owned and operated business. We started this business because we like to celebrate our events with our loved ones but it is hard and sometimes very expensive to make a memorial event. We understand that in today’s economy everything is expensive but a simple party should not break the bank. Then there’s the issue of not having a party store close by to get those last minute party supplies. Sometime we would go to the dollar store to get the balloons but sometimes there is not helium or they don’t have the balloon we want. Even after getting the majority of the things we wanted, we would still have to go to a party store for those license products.

We are still growing so there are products that you may need that we don’t currently have but we are working with some of the license vendors to obtain their products.Please let us know what you need for your next event and we will try to accommodate your request. We look forward to helping our community with their celebrations!!