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Where's the party?

Pick a place. Where are you going to have a party? Will it be a big event, or a little get together? Indoors or outdoors?This will help you decide.

Decide on a theme. Will it be for an occasion? If so, think what will please the guest of honor.

Determine a date/time for your party. If its a birthday party, most people try to have the party on that date. Also, make sure to pick a date where most of your guests are free.

Decide on a budget..How much do you want to put into this event? What will be the biggest bang for your buck? If money is not an issue then skip this step.

Who are going to be invited.  Choose different age groups. You want to promote socialism.

How to invite? You can do it depending on the function. For birthdays or other celebrations you can use social media like Facebook and Google+. For Weddings or memorial event, make or buy invitation.

Type of Food.  Different events need different types of food. Keep in mind the time frame that the food can stay out without spoiling.  Accommodate your guess with proper food and drinks.

Decoration. Choose things that will go with theme of the party or event. Mix and match license and generic items that will still give it the theme you’re going for. This is for those on a budget. Order your party supplies, including favors, decorations, wrapping paper, tape, plates, plasticware, cups, and piñatas. (We got you covered)

Music. Use Itunes, Pandora, Slacker,CDs, etc. whichever is convenient for you. If you require a DJ, make sure you get a reliable one that will show up on time and satisfy your guess requests.

Party Games.  Choose games that relates to the party. Kid parties are usually based off a movie which often has a game. If you have a game console,(Wii, X-Box, Playstation) this will take care of itself. Make sure the games are multiplayer that way your guess won’t all be sitting around looking at one person play.

Cleaning. No one does it better than you so if it’s going to be at your place, you do it. Things that are important to you that may disappear or get damaged keep in a locked room.

Make a time sheet. Set up time chart of when things needs to arrive and depart so that you won’t have to pay extra for the time. Most people now have a smart phone so set up an alarm for each category.

Pictures. There will memorable moments that you will want to treasury.Ask everyone to send you their pictures when the party is over so you can make a master. Off course you can always get it of your social media website.

Clean up.The worse part of the party but have a few friends help you out during the course of the party so that it does not become tedious project afterwards.  

HAVE FUN!!! Don't go through all this planning and preparation for nothing.

Let us help you with your next event. We have different categories of product for your next occasion. Need something specific that you cannot find at our location? We will work with you and our vendors to obtain the product for your celebration.  Please note that time is a huge factor in getting your merchandise delivered on time. Once you know what you want, please let us know so you won’t have to stress about it.